PDF or interactive digital menu

Our digital letters can have two ways of approaching shared content, the first thing to do is to understand their differences and decide which one best suits your needs.

Interactive QR digital menu

It allows customers to enjoy a native experience on their device, no more endless zooming and scrolling. The interactive digital menu QR cards enhance the experience and makes the person who accesses the digital cards have a better experience, transmitting better what they want to share.


  • Adapted to mobile devices, no need to zoom.
  • Incorporation of an infinite number of web elements: photos, video, forms, animations…
  • Updating products in a very fast and easy way.


  • Adaptation and uploading of products to the QR digital menu is required.
  • They may not be 100% reflective of the previous paper chart.

In general we recommend the use of interactive QR digital menu for those establishments that have a certain volume of changes during the year and in their digital menu and want to give a greater prominence and better customer experience.

Digital menu QR PDF

The QR PDF digital menu accurately shares the indicated PDF document. These documents are traditional documents used in printing and in many occasions they are the 100% reflection of what we present on paper to our clients.


  • Adaptation to the customer’s design
  • More conventional use


  • Difficulties in updating products/prices, it will be necessary to re-generate the PDF.
  • High technical skills to generate or modify PDF documents

We recommend this type of menu for establishments that do not have product changes in their menus and want to offer the customer a 100% reflection of what they saw in their physical experience in the establishment.

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