What can we do with the category element

  • Categorize products
  • Group a series of products under one category

What we must take into account about this element

  • Must be contained within a section

What main options this element allows:

  • Indicate the name of the category
  • Indicate the category description
  • Select a photo linked to the category

What advanced options it allows us:

  • Adjust the colors of the category and the products within it.
  • Change the category font
  • Change the way in which the products of the category are presented. There are currently two ways of displaying charts: SCROLL and CARROUSEL.
  • Apply your own styles to the element. Currently there is only the option to HIDE

What aspects the element has within the configurator:

Standard options:

Advanced options

Product element configurations

Example configuration of a basic category

We will simply use the name of the category.

The appearance would be:

Example configuration of an advanced category

We will use the category description and a photo.

The appearance would be:

Example of use of the different styles

In this element we have three different styles: HIDE, SCROLL and CARROUSEL. The default value is SCROLL.

The aspect for SCROLL is:

The aspect for CARRUSEL is:

This category mode can be combined with specific aspects of the products and can produce very interesting results, this other example would be with the configuration of products with SEQUENTIAL style and category with CARRUSEL style.