How to convert video to code QR?

QR codes are barcodes, but they are also much more than that. Originally used in Japan for tracking vehicle parts and merchandise, QR codes have come a long way since their inception.

Today, they are used in a variety of ways and their uses continue to evolve. In recent years, they have appeared on everything from business cards to billboards to newspapers to recipe cards.

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Digitize any type of file: from pdf, jpg, mp3, gif, video, etc.

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For your company, digitize your menu, books, information of interest, medical analysis, etc.

What is a QR code?

How to convert video to code QR?

It is a two-dimensional barcode that is usually expressed as a square and contains the stored encrypted data of a specific URL, a web page.

Its context was developed in 1994, created by Danzo Wala in Toyota Group, but it would not be until 2010 when with the use in the United States and Europe begins to spread in a more global way.

It should be noted that in recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the increased use of QR codes has become a very common resource that we can see in different situations as we avoid physical contact with certain elements.

Its basis of work is the decoding or reading of information encoded in these codes and is achieved using the QR code reader, which can now be found in any mobile device.

The most common use is the ability to present a website from a physical device, as advertising or additional content for example. But we also found that the interest in using this technology for different needs, such as: sharing PDFs, photos, videos, lottery, even to store WiFi passwords, etc...

During these months we have seen an intense use to access menus and digital menus as another element in restaurants, bars and cafes to avoid using physical menus as a preventive measure for COVID.

We have even seen how these codes have been used in newspapers or television as a resource to expand the extra information and lead readers to other types of content, such as audiovisual content.

But how to convert videos to QR codes

How to convert video to code QR?

The use of digital files, such as images, PDF or word documents has become popular these days due to the policy of replacing physical items, thus achieving zero contacts.

Initially, the technology was created in the Japanese automotive field, aiming to be an alternative to the existing barcode that could have a list of inventory and spare parts in the production line, so it can speed up and encourage industrial processes.

Around 2010, the license was launched and this technology began to be used, first in the United States, and then spread to the rest of the world.

When it comes to listing the possible uses of QR codes, we can distinguish between:

Store information and distribute it.

Assists in the distribution of information so that we can share it with a third party. Very easy to use, and for users it is easy to consume. Therefore, access to specific information via QR codes is becoming common.

Generally, the usual practice is to lead to a website where the information can be consumed: from the article, image, a PDF but also more dynamic resources such as video, forms, etc… can be accessed.

As a marketing tool

Because, in addition to storing information, it can serve your company as a powerful tool to be closer to your customers and have a better relationship with them. We can find out what they like the most in terms of interests or user behavior. In general, an improvement in the communication channel and being more efficient with the advertising we do.

How can I read a QR code?

How to convert video to code QR?

We can access the information and content, located in QR code, in a very simple way. All we need is a reading application on our mobile device.

Depending on the type of operating system you have on mobile devices, the login information may vary.

Some terminals are mainly reading the QR code without using any application. Example: Samsung, Apple, Apple, etc…

But if you need a QR code reader on your device, there are a variety of apps, both free and paid to install. It will depend on what you need or what functionalities you want: From history readings, store the QR code that you have read in advance, etc…

In the case of Android you have, in older versions, you must have a previously downloaded application on your device to have access to the reading.

Here are some of the most famous applications: QR Reader, Droid QR.

Another option is to have applications installed on our phone that can be used to read QR codes natively. Here, we will leave a list where you can find out which applications are compatible: Facebook, Twitter or Browser.

Other terminals, such as Apple Samsung or Apple, have their application integratedand with the ability to access the image application and read the QR code you want to read. A message will appear on the screen to continue opening and decoding the information contained therein.

How to convert videos to QR codes

Select the video you want to convert

The first thing to do is to have the resource in the appropriate formats, in the case of videos the most popular format is MP4, MOV or AVI.

In case you have videos in any other format, there are several options for converting between formats.

Store on a web page

As detailed above, the QR code points to a web page and therefore we must be able to locate this content, in this case the video, at a public Internet address. If you have a website or web page, the use of FTP clients will be easy, you only need to access and leave a file so that the content is publicly accessible.

But in most cases, I understand if you’re here is your case, you don’t have any web page available to you, but you want to encrypt information so you can provide it and have access to update the QR code.

If this is your situation, you don’t have to worry because you are in the right place. Con, we put our QR generator at your disposal so that without a web page you can have a QR code with the video of your choice.

From we leave space in our domain to host the video resources that you consider and to give you a QR code, which you can scan and share with customers and friends.

Select the QR code generator

Find the QR code generator that best suits your needs. There is thousands of possibilities and alternatives, but since you are here, we want to introduce you to our generators.

We are ready for you to use our creator for free and to change the QR code of your video.

You can find other services, but the advantage of our QR code generator is that it is simple, instant and free. You will get your QR code at no cost.

Check your QR code

It is important that the creator, once the QR code has been created, can check it correctly. To do this, you can do it with a smartphone or mobile device / tablet. Open the QR code reader and scan it to see what it actually decodes from the image.

Before making a mass printing of your QR code you must validate that the content of it is correct, check it as many times as you consider or even with different devices.

Download your QR code

As soon as QR codes are created, you should have it in a file that will give you the possibility to share and print it.

The format in which you can download will be an image with high quality and compression in 24 bits: PNG, you can edit and operate, thus managing to adjust the sizes to your liking.

The advantage of this PNG format is that they have no background colors.

Print your QR code

In PNG format will allow you to easily make digital printing in any format, or if you prefer you can integrate it into any other design you have as you can also use it to integrate in the design, in the photo, business cards or brochures.

And you can even insert it in digital design format to share it on digital media, such as Facebook Ads, or your own website to encourage users to learn more information in detail.

Product content

When it comes to QR code ads and distribution, it depends on the choice of marketing strategy you want to use for your company.

But we offer you many recommendations on how to distribute it and use it in physical support. The options are:

  • Stickers / Stickers: If you have a place like a restaurant, cafeteria, the best way to make your QR code visible is through stickers on your table, bar, counter, etc. Your customers will have clear and easy access to this information. One of our tips is that the stickers should be the right size, which means they should not be so small that they can barely be seen, nor so large that they look exaggerated. We recommend using a 7×3.5 cm sticker.
  • Flyers: If your marketing strategy consists of handing out flyers, don’t wait any longer and start using it now in this medium that combines the offline physical world with virtual reality. A new way for current and potential customers to connect with your business and access information. For example, hairdressers can add a complete list of products and treatments to a code, and restaurants can use this format to provide their menus. Another option you can use to offer promotions or discounts to your customers or a landing page form to collect contacts.
  • Labels: Share product labels with additional information, inserting QR codes that provide more information.
  • Signage: Another way to provide information and dissemination of QR codes is through the use of signage. You can include it in interesting information, such as your mail so that your customers and prospects to be seen on social network or website.

In short, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to use and distribute the QR code to your customers, such as stationery, in the car, packaging your product, etc.

Now, what are you waiting to use QR codes for your company? From and thanks to our QR code generator at your disposal, you can start now!

Create your QR code for free and instantly

PDF,JPG,JPEG,PNG,MOV,MP4 of maximum 10MB

Any type of file

Digitize any type of file: from pdf, jpg, mp3, gif, video, etc.

Different uses

For your company, digitize your menu, books, information of interest, medical analysis, etc.

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